Product Info

USN 3XT-PUMP is an all-in-one pre-workout for explosive energy and increased strength for your workouts.

More Workout Energy

You want the most from your training. The feeling of endorphins (feel good hormone) running through your veins, having breezed through a leg workout with a little bit of steam left over.

Each serving contains a massive 300mg of caffeine giving you enough energy to blast through your toughest workout.

Increase Muscle Pumps

Lifting weights gets blood into the muscles you are training, which is known as ‘The Pump’.

Agmatine Sulfate has been added which helps to get even more blood to your hard working muscles. Not only do your veins pop-out but more nutrients are delivered to start the muscle repair process.

2-In-1 Product

Not only is this a powerhouse of a pre-workout to boost your training performance, but it also acts as a fat burner because of the same ingredients used.

Enhanced Absorption of Ingredients

To get the most out of the product ASTRAGIN® has been added which improves the absorption of key nutrients. Studies have shown amino acid and vitamin absorption rates can improve by 66% and 50%.

Strength Increase

The Nitro-CI stack has strength promoting ingredients like Betaine. After all what is a workout without beating your personal best on bench press.


Users who are sensitive to caffeine may get the same benefits by using just 1 scoop or even a half. That would mean you have a product for two months which makes it one of the cheapest pre-workouts available.

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