Now mk-7 vitamin k-2 300mcg 100 tablets


Vitamin K is well known for its role in the synthesis of a number of blood coagulation factors and is also important for the formation of strong, healthy bones.* MenaQ7® MK-7 is a unique soy-free, bioavailable form of vitamin K-2 that plays a critical role in arterial health through its ability to support proper calcium metabolism in blood vessels and arteries.*

MenaQ7® is a registered trademark of NattoPharma ASA, Norway. Patents granted and pending.

This extra strength product has three times the vitamin K2 as in our regular strength product.

Natural color variation may occur in this product.


12 lbs, 6 lbs


Banana, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla

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