Long Resistance Band


Target, isolate and strengthen those muscles with our long, resistance band.

Made from polyester, custom cotton, and rubber blend, these won’t roll up or slide around while you’re on your game. They’re latex-free, completely vegan, and come in a sustainable cotton drawstring pouch for taking on your travels or in your gym bag.

Wash: By hand

What’s your favorite band? Resistance bands provide tension for your muscles to work against. When you’re pushing against a resistance band during an exercise, your muscles have to fight against the resistance.

We have a variety of strengths: Light, Medium, Heavy, X-Heavy, and XX-Heavy. Different strengths have different levels of stretch, so the heavier you go, the more tension and resistance you’ll feel – and the stronger your muscles will be.

We also have long and short bands: long bands are best for full-body workouts and stretching, while short bands are best for targeted upper or lower body exercises.

Grab your band and get stuck into:

  • Glutes – glute bridges, donkey kicks, clams
  • Legs – goblet squats, lunges, jumping squats
  • Upper body – tricep extension, shoulder press, bent-over row

100 tablets

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