Arm Blaster



Imagine being able to grow your arms 10x faster without plateaus and poor form.

Now, you’ll be able to grow your biceps and triceps with ease. With the Arm Blaster we’ve gone ahead and created one of the most comfortable arm blasters to help isolate your biceps for better contractions without hurting your back.

The Arm Blaster is the world’s best arm blaster. With arm Blasts posture support technology you’ll be able to have the correct position to isolate your biceps for IMMEDIATE growth. The arm Blaster is so advanced that it is safe and easy to use for anyone at any level especially at the beginner level. All of that without developing any bad habits in the process.

Additionally, the arm Blaster can even be taken with you anywhere you travel. Think of it this way, it’s portable and convenient design allows you to place it anywhere without taking up a lot of space and lets you travel with ease, and BAM you’re GAINS are consistent every time its arm day.


The Arm Blaster is also equipped with a buckle clip around the waist lining to reinforce maximum security and stabilization throughout each movement.
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